From the recording Dry & Dirty


It starts with just an ordinary glance
Friday night, something right with the world
This sorta guy never gets that chance
The timing’s right to invite a new girl
A single moment, then it’s gone
But my captain will make it all right
I’ll wonder what I did wrong
But only for tonight

It starts again as she comes back in the place
Good looks can kill and I’m beginning to fall
Something ‘bout that look on her face
Says she’ll take care of it all
It doesn’t matter what I do
No need to search for words this time
The signs are right, I’ll follow through
But only for tonight

Only for tonight

I start the day with the sun in my face
The walk of shame, but there’s no one to blame
I think to myself as I’m leaving her place
Will I see her again, will she remember my name
We don’t have to understand
But that don’t make it right
A one time fling or a one night stand
But only for tonight

Only for tonight
Only for tonight

It’s OK
It’s all right
We just might
Only for tonight