The Martini Shot is available for weddings and other private events. We offer a professional, entertaining and affordable wedding reception package (see below).  Contact us and book The Martini Shot TODAY!

"The Martini Shot Band was absolutely amazing at our Wedding! We wanted to have the best band and make sure people were having a great time. The Martini Shot Band was exactly that! They are incredibly talented, easy to work with and exceeded our expectations in every way! They were so good that our friends and family keep coming up to us months after our wedding to tell us that our wedding was the most fun because they never stopped dancing! We have the utmost respect for the band and wish we could do it over  just to work with them again!" - Callie and Nick

 Wedding Reception


Included in Price

1.  The Martini Shot will hire and coordinate with a quality and professional sound company that works well with our equipment and has the capability of running an iPod.

2.  The Martini Shot will provide a professional light system to illuminate the band.

3.  The Martini Shot will will provide popular dance music, over an iPod, to keep the party hopping during their breaks.

4.  The lead singer of the Martini Shot (Andy Clementi) will emcee the wedding reception. 

5.  The Martini Shot will provide a wireless microphone for toasts and any other announcements, during the wedding reception. 

6.  The Martini Shot will run an iPod for dinner music and/or cocktail hour (if within the same room).  We have our own playlists already programed, but we are also able to run your iPod if you desire. 

7.  The Martini Shot  will run your iPod for specialty dances (first dance, father/daughter, mother/son), or any other traditional dances. 

8.  The Martini Shot will perform for specialty dances if chosen from our song list available at 

Some Additional Options - Not included in Price

1.  The Martini Shot has the ability to perform for your wedding ceremony. Please contact us for details.

2.  The Martini Shot has the ability to bring extra sound equipment to provide iPod music for your cocktail hour (if outside of the main reception room). Please contact us for details.

3.  The Martini Shot has the ability to perform live background music for your cocktail hour. Please contact us for details.

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